What is a frequency-frequency hearing aid?

A polyphonic hearing aid is a hearing aid that selectively increases the speech frequency band, such as a super-powered ear-back machine.360°, the frequency function includes narrowband frequencybanding and wideband frequencybanding, which are used for different types of hearing loss to enhance listening ability and audibility and intelligibility.


Narrowband polystimulation refers to the severe to very severe hearing loss with little or no hearing at high frequencies. Select low-frequency regions with residual hearing, use horizontal-dependent speech to enhance technology, improve the audibility of low-frequency bands, and enhance the listening language. The ability to retain the traditional amplification of the high-frequency area at the same time has the advantage of fully utilizing the low-frequency area with residual hearing to enhance the listening experience, while not giving up the high-frequency amplification, balancing the listening of the high and low frequency bands, the sound is more natural and easier to understand.

Broadband frequency multiplication refers to the severe to severe hearing loss with residual hearing at high frequencies. The horizontal-dependent speech enhancement function is used in the full-range range to enhance the ability to listen and ensure the audibility and intelligibility of the language.

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