Frequency shift hearing aidWhere is the frequency shift hearing aid?

Answering this question from a semi-professional point of view: The gap between the air conduction and the bone conduction that you provide is large, and it should be masked. Since there is no masking, it is not good to judge whether your air conduction threshold is true. It is recommended to do a more professional audiometry.


1.The gradient of the audiogram is large. It is recommended to select a hearing aid with a large number of channels (it can be simply understood that the steeper the audiogram requires more channels), and the hearing aids with more channels have more detailed sound processing.

2.The high-frequency part of the hearing loss is extremely severe, and the general high-power hearing aids may not be compensated. It is recommended to select the frequency-shifting hearing aid (simply understood to compress the part of the frequency that you can’t hear to the frequency you can hear), but Frequency shifting will have large distortion and requires training to adapt.

3.The Audikan Tianyu series recommended by the fitter does not have a frequency shift function. Personally, it is unreasonable. It is recommended to choose a hearing aid with a frequency shift function. A good manufacturer with frequency shifting recommends the peak force personally.

4.Although the open ear fitting can alleviate the plugging effect, it will affect the high frequency gain; although the custom machine is small and beautiful, its power is relatively small. The hearing loss shown on the graph is heavier, and the high frequency part is even worse. The open ear fitting (the fitter recommends you) and the custom machine (the kind of small one) are likely to be impossible to compensate. It is recommended to choose a high power ear. Hearing aids and custom ear molds. In summary, go to a masked audiogram, so it is really difficult to judge, the main basis for hearing aid debugging is the audiogram, so the audiogram is very important! Very important!

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