What is a frequency shift hearing aid?

In recent years, all-digital frequency-shift hearing aids have been widely used in patients with high-frequency hearing loss, and have achieved good results. What is the frequency shifting technology of hearing aids? It refers to a hearing aid wearer with no high frequency residual hearing or poor high frequency residual hearing. It will not be able to hear important high frequency speech information heard by ordinary hearing aids to its low frequency band where there is still good residual hearing. Therefore, the frequency shifting technique is to match the bandwidth of the speech signal as much as possible to the residual auditory dynamic range that is still sensitive to the hearing aid wearer, and is not intended to make the missing or non-existent (cochlear dead zone) high frequency auditory hair cells Produce a response, and currently have hearing aids with better frequency shifting functions such asINTEOseries,Mermaid series, etc.


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