What impact does hearing impairment have on life?

The impact of hearing impairment on people’s mind and body is slowIn the long run, the effects are manifested in physical, psychological, and personality.

First, many everyday voices are unclear and cause unresponsiveness. In the long run, it will make people’s thinking slow or demented, which will not only affect the quality of life, but also increase their aging.

Second, because the ears can not hear clearly, it is easy to misunderstand when dealing with family and friends, causing unreasonable suspicion, suspicion and unhappiness. Make your psychological burden worse, affecting health and longevity.

Third, listening to music, dancing, listening to the radio, watching TV, talking with friends and other social activities is difficult to actively participate.

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Therefore, it is easy to live in a lonely environment for a long time, and the personality changes, especially those with strong personality, the temper will become very violent. The family and friends of the hearing impaired are also very distressed. Dealing with him can cause misunderstandings and unhappiness if they are not noticed. Watching TV and listening to the radio, he needs to turn the volume up very loudly, and he quarrels that his family doesn’t say it and disturbs his neighbors.

In addition, children with hearing impairment are more harmful, which will make them grow and develop to influence and change the fate of his life.

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