Can hearing aids be worn in neonatal hearing impairment?

Now that the child is six and a half months old, the hearing screening has not been heard since birth, but I feel that I can hear the family and him and he can find the sound source when there is a loud voice. But as a parent, I am still worried.


Once treated and the effect: At the first hospital affiliated to China Medical University, the doctor recommended wearing a hearing aid at six months. I want to know if I have to wear a hearing aid. If I need to wear it, what brand is good, is the price more expensive, the better, what is the difference between high and low price? Laboratory test results: binaural hearing loss80 ctThe result was no abnormality.

1.It is recommended to review the hearing after one year.

2.The price of hearing aids is only a factor, the key is to see if it is suitable for children.

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