Can hearing aids damage hearing?

Can wearing a hearing aid damage hearing? I personally think that there are advantages and disadvantages; first, people with hearing impairment who buy hearing aids themselves may increase the degree of hearing impairment. Because hearing aids need to go to a regular hospital or a specialty store selling hearing aids to test hearing, then choose the right hearing aid for you.

Second, by wearing a hearing aid to stimulate the brain’s auditory nerve, delaying the hearing to continue to decline, easy to communicate with others, reduce loneliness and improve the quality of life.

Of course, many people with hearing impairment are reluctant to wear hearing aids, especially the elderly. For example, my mother has deafness due to a variety of chronic diseases. Later, I went to the hospital for testing, and went to the hearing aid store to do the fitting. Only the left ear can be worn, and the right ear can no longer be changed. It is meaningless to wear it. Later, the fitter gave her an imported hearing aid according to my mother’s condition. But she did not want to wear, she said that wearing a head is not comfortable. Hearing aids often lie in a box and sleep. Haha may be her old man used to being quiet!

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