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Now the so-called rankings circulating in various versions of the Internet are either those who are engaged by some third parties who are spending more money, and who are ranked by them, or which brand of hearing aid dealers own the brand, which brand is ranked first, or some small Brand manufacturers get a so-called ranking to mix themselves. It is confusing, deceiving the hearing impaired users, and is not responsible at all. Which brand of hearing aid is good, there is no standard answer at all. Whoever sells what is good, of course, then devalues ​​another brand.


First: the technology monopoly of the hearing aid industry, big brand manufacturers have their own superior technology, in recent years, the development of core technology is not satisfactory, they are eating old, so they are gradually narrowing the gap.

Second: This hearing aid can solve your problem, but it is not necessarily good to use a hearing aid for someone who has the same hearing, not necessarily as he wishes. The complexity of hearing determines the uncertainty of the hearing aid. No hearing aid brand claims to solve the hearing problems of all hearings, and can only solve some users’ problems in a targeted manner. This part of the user becomes a fan of this brand hearing aid. Users, so the best is the right one, “sickness to take medicine” is fundamental. Hearing aids with so many brands and thousands of models, how can I find the right one for me? This explains the importance of the hearing aid fitter, who is the hearing aid guide. The fitter must know the hearing aid better than you, but they also have limitations. For example, some fitters are only familiar with a certain brand, then he can only recommend the optimal solution in this brand; because the hearing aid industry test The teacher is also a hearing aid salesman. It is economically beneficial. Which kind of hearing aid has high profit and high commission. It is possible that the fitter will recommend it to you, which is not objective.

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