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Hearing aids can be classified into full ear canal, ear canal, in-ear, behind-the-ear, eyeglass, and box depending on their appearance.

How should the hearing aid be chosen? Is it a super invisible hearing aid that you choose to put in your ear? Or choose a look that looks good? Or is it more convenient to operate? Or choose a cheaper price? In fact, when choosing a hearing aid type, you should not only consider different types.Hearing aidThe advantages and disadvantages of itself should also consider many subjective and objective factors of the wearer.


Today, I heard that there are some specific factors that affect the selection of hearing aids.


Simply selecting according to the appearance of the hearing aid generally requires good concealment and is not easily found by others.CICIt is suitable for both fine-sound tubes or thin-line mini-headless machines.

2Convenience of use

Most elderly people with hearing impairment may be more inclined to wear and use the hearing aid. From this point of view, within a certain range, the larger the shape, the easier it is to operate.

3Cost problem

Hearing impaired people always require hearing aids with good performance and low price. For now,ITE,BTERelatively better meet their needs.

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