How to prevent hearing lossHow to prevent hearing loss

Many of our friends know to protect their ears, because the facial features of the human body are synergistic when they receive external information. The key to preventing hearing loss is to avoid the stimulation of various harmful factors, such as ban and careful use of various ototoxic drugs (including gentamicin, kanamycin, streptomycin, etc.) to avoid long-term noise contact and Excessive knocking sound stimulation, actively prevent various bacterial and viral infections on the ears. For some high-risk groups with hearing loss, such as those with a history of familial hearing loss, workers exposed to strong noise for a long time, and newborns with viral infection during pregnancy, they should be regularly checked to track specific hearing changes. Once hearing loss is found, rehabilitation intervention should be carried out as soon as possible, which will greatly reduce the development and harm of hearing loss.


If hearing loss already exists, it should be reviewed regularly and appropriate interventions and rehabilitation measures should be taken to avoid affecting the quality of life.

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