Five things to prevent hearing loss-Hearing

No matter what the product is, it can be used to the maximum extent. The hearing aid is an electronic device. Small dust, sputum or water droplets will pose the greatest threat to its sound quality. Modern hearing aids are durable, easy to operate and regularly maintained to ensure that your hearing aids are more comfortable to use.

1Avoid using ototoxic drugs.

2To prevent a cold, often a cold caused by the function of the eustachian tube, it will cause hearing loss.

3It is important to avoid contact noise as much as possible, especially for long periods of high volume noise stimuli.

4To have a regular life, not to have long sleep deprivation, excessive mental stress, unstable mood swings, these can cause hearing damage.

5Many chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, etc., can also cause hearing loss. We must actively prevent it.

If you feel that your hearing has decreased, you should look for it as soon as possible, and find out the causes of hearing loss in a timely and accurate manner, then treat, intervene, and return to the world of sound. This is very meaningful. of.

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