How to do auditory speech rehabilitation at home

1) Ensure an optimized listening environment

Always check your child’s hearing aids and batteries daily to minimize the impact of background noise in your home on your child’s listening experience.1-2The effective hearing aid range of the meter is to talk to the child.


In daily life, I keep saying, in the special game time, I keep saying, talking with my child in the family life, talking with the child about what happens.

3) be an active listener

You can respond to your child’s gestures in a timely manner, listen to your child’s speech, and express your interest in the topic that the child is telling from time to time. Tolerate the child’s pronunciation level, repeat what the child is saying, insert yours. Comment, continue to start his conversation and create an opportunity for the child to have a conversational and vocal communication exercise.

4Clear and accurate expression

When speaking, the speech speed is slow, the pronunciation is clear and powerful, you can exaggerate your tone, not the mouth shape, change your volume and tone, express your excited emotions with changing tones, and convey the information you want to let him know with expressions.

5) keep eye contact

When the child is talking to you, whether he can’t see you, you should look at him; pay attention to adjust your position level, create a chance for your child to communicate with your eyes; delay the child’s eyes with a nod and smile The time of communication; constantly changing position, so that you are constantly appearing within the child’s field of vision; between the children and the items you talk about, constantly changing your eyes and using such things as “Oh, look!A similar language draws the attention of the child.


6) Talk to the child in a language that the child can understand

Listen to your child’s conversation and always grasp his understanding. If your child can’t understand some of the content in the conversation, you need to repeat the relevant content; if the child still can’t understand, use the picture, the real thing, etc. to help the child. Learn relevant content; always judge the effect of your conversation based on the child’s attention; use simple statement to explain the new vocabulary that appears in the conversation.

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