For children with hearing impairment, when is it better to wear hearing aids for language training?

Deaf children stress the “three early principles”: early detection, including early diagnosis; early intervention, including early wearing of hearing aids or cochlear implants; early rehabilitation, including early hearing rehabilitation and speech rehabilitation. When the head of the family finds that the child’s hearing is poor, he should go to see an otologist for timely diagnosis and treatment. If it is conductive deafness, early treatment, hearing may be restored; if it is sensorineural deafness, hearing is mostly impossible to restore, only through hearing aids to solve the problem of sound amplification.

Early wearing of hearing aids refers to the selection of appropriate hearing aids for deaf children before the age of half a year or about three months after deafness.

After 12 years old, most of them can’t get speech rehabilitation. This is because there is a best time for people to learn language. The most vigorous time for people to acquire language is when they are 1-3 years old. The best time is before the age of 7. The plasticity of brain is obviously reduced when they are 7-12 years old. After the age of 12, they gradually approach to adults.


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Hearing development starts from birth. Three months ago, most of the hearing responses were controlled by subcortical centers. After three months, hearing developed rapidly and meaningful hearing behaviors developed gradually.

People all know that 5-year-old children move from one city to another country or city far away. As long as they follow their aunt or other children to listen to the speech in kindergarten, they can learn the local language after 3-5 months. It can be seen that the plasticity of language development in childhood is great, and it is almost difficult for adults to achieve.

Therefore, the purpose of using hearing aids for language training as early as possible is to make use of the functions of the remaining hair cells in the inner ear as early as possible, and to develop the functions of brain intelligence and auditory speech center as early as possible.

The ability and skill of listening and speaking can be mastered only when the auditory center and speech center of the brain as well as their joint areas are stimulated and connected as soon as possible.

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