Newborns wearing hearing aids are always wearing

As long as there is a hearing problem diagnosed and medically impossible to cure, it is necessary to wear a hearing aid all the time, worrying that the hearing aid will be worn afterwards.PickNot coming down, afraid of producing hearing aidsrely. is normal Newborn hearing problems with hearing aids are inseparable from hearing aids.


Do newborns wear hearing aids forever? It is best for newborns to review the diagnosis for hearing problems and then consider whether a hearing aid is needed. Normal newborns will be screened for birth; not through the full moon or42Day again, if it still fails, then3Review after the month;3After the month, wait for half a year to review, if several times are abnormal, you should consider the choice of hearing aids. As long as there is hearing loss, after wearing the hearing aid, it is necessary to wear it for a long time. The fitting of the appropriate hearing aid is not harmful to the ear. If the technology is developed and can be treated later, the hearing aid can be taken without affecting. I hope my answer is for you. Helpful.

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