Xinpei’s hearing aids can be used more[Wearing a hearing aid must see]

Hearing aids are relatively expensive electronic products, so many people are very concerned about the life of hearing aids. In fact, the life of a hearing aid is affected by many factors.


So how long can a hearing aid last? We first eliminate the technical problems of the hearing aid itself, and many factors are determined by the user, such as the user’s earwax secretion, working environment dust or moisture, unclean care hearing aids, hearing aids often littered or bumped Etc. These factors account for the total failure rate of the hearing aid.70%. For hearing loss, hearing aids work for more than eight hours a day. Every day, care is essential. Carefully clean, clean the speakers, wipe the surface with cotton or soft paper, open the battery compartment and put it dry. The box is dehumidified and the external auditory canal is also cleaned.

In addition, regular intensive care is done at the fitting center. Only in this way,Hearing aidIn order to work long hours. When not in use for a long time, the hearing aid battery should be taken out and stored in a dry box. Regularly put the battery in the hearing aid for half an hour before putting it back. Store in a dry box so that there is no problem when you want to wear a hearing aid. Therefore, the daily care of hearing aids is the key to extending the life of hearing aids. A fitter who has years of experience in fitting will find that hearing aids can be used for eight to ten years with proper and meticulous care.

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