solveHearing aidHowling

The situation in which the hearing aid screams is the phenomenon of the hearing aid whistling. It is an acoustic feedback mechanism. How to distinguish the hearing aid from howling is normal or other reasons? In life, when we use the microphone on the podium, sometimes it makes a screaming scream. It is normal for the hearing aid to whistle when it is worn.


Under what circumstances?Hearing aidHowling is not normal?

Hearing aids are divided into internal howling and external howling. Whistling inside the hearing aid: If the bell mouth is blocked when the hearing aid is not worn, the scream still exists, which is the internal howling of the hearing aid. Hearing aids with internal acoustic feedback are usually turned on for repair, so you need to go to the hearing aid fitting center to go to the hearing aid fittings for testing, and then send them back to the manufacturer for adjustment.

Hearing aidIf the sealing degree is not enough, it is easy to leak the amplified sound, reflect it in the external auditory canal, and then re-amplify the sound again through the hearing aid, so that the sound intensity of the hearing aid sound output is greater than the ambient sound, and finally the external hearing aid is formed. Howling.

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