What brand of hearing aid is good?Hearing aid brand rankings

There are many brands of hearing aids, and the results are varied. The domestic hearing aid brands are not mentioned. There are more than ten kinds of international famous brands. The common hearing aid brands include Fengli, Oticon, Siemens, Resound, and only Listen, Starck, etc. First choice of hearing aidWhat brand is good  

The six major brands of hearing aids on the market today:



(Specializing in high-tech hearing aids andFMResearch, development, production and sales of wireless FM hearing aid products)


(Founded in1904Year of Denmark,One of the world’s most famous professional manufacturers of high-quality hearing aid products)


(Founded in1847Germany,The world’s largest electromechanical class/One of electrical engineering and electronics companies,世界500Strong enterprise)


(One of the world’s largest hearing aid brands,One of the world’s top companies in acoustics and audiology)

5Listen only

(Beginning with1956Denmark,One of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of high-tech hearing aids)


(Beginning with1967United States,One of the world’s largest manufacturers of customized hearing aids,One of the world’s largest manufacturers of hearing aids)

The hearing aids of the six brands have distributors all over the country. The quality and after-sales are guaranteed. There is a jargon in the hearing aid industry. “Hearing aids are three-point buy, seven-distribution” chooses a hearing aid. In addition to the brand, it needs to be checked. Matching technician technology in the store and after-sales service in the store. Hearing aids are not simply sold, but also involve later maintenance and commissioning, so the after-sales service of hearing aids is also very important. If you want to buy good quality after-sales service, please listen to hearing aids.

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