What are the precursors of sudden tinnitus?

Mainly relying on the vestibular, visual, and proprioceptive peripheral sensation of the mulberry system, feeling the body position, movement and external stimulation, transmitting nerve impulses to the central area, maintaining the body in a suitable position in space to maintain balance, vestibular receptors feel the movement of the head The head position wants the signal for the direction of gravity, the semi-regular tube ampullary sensation feels the rotational motion of the head, that is, the head angular acceleration motion stimuli, while the otolith feels the head linear acceleration motion stimuli, and gravity also belongs to a linear acceleration motion. When tilted, the otolith can sense the change of the head relative to the direction of gravity. Therefore, all external forces acting on the human body and causing the balance reaction of the vestibule can be divided into two categories: angular acceleration motion and linear acceleration motion.

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The visual receptor mainly provides information on the position of the head relative to the environmental object, and the movement of the head relative to the surrounding object. This information helps the central nervous system determine that the signal from the ear stone is from the head relative to the direction of gravity. Caused by tilting stimulation, or caused by linear motion of the head.

The somatosensory system senses the position and movement of the body, the relative position and movement of various parts of the body through grief receptors located in the tendons, joints and internal organs.

Therefore, the body balance is completed by the interaction between the vestibular system, the visual system, and the proprioceptive system. If you have an old man who loves to wrestle, then you should pay attention to whether he is hearing loss. Or sudden deafness.

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