What are the models of hearing aid zinc empty batteries?

There are five specifications for zinc empty batteries:

675 #: is the largest volume of hearing aid button batteries, its thickness5.0-5.4mm,diameter11.25-11.6mm, often used in super power ear back machines;

13A#:thickness5.0-5.4mm,diameter7.55-7.9mm, commonly used in standard ear and back or ear cavity hearing aids;

312 #:thickness3.3-3.6mm, the diameter is7.55-7.9mm, commonly usedBTE OEAndRICHearing aid;

10A#:thickness3.3-3.6mm, the diameter is5.65-5.8mm, commonly used in deep ear canal hearing aids;

5A#: diameter sameA10#, thinner, for2.0-2.2mmFor old-fashioned deep-ear hearing aids, it is now rare. Most hearing centers are no longer available for sale.


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