Zinc air hearing aid batteryZinc air hearing aid battery use method

1. The study found:

If the user can wait after tearing the small sticky paper on the surface of the hearing aid battery5Minutes, then put the battery into the hearing aid to extend the battery life2-7day. Explain to this: “The stronger the energy of zinc in your battery, the longer its service life. As you found out, if you wait5minute, Can increase battery life80%about!


2.When you use it, tear it apart

It must be reminded that the protective cover of the battery surface will be activated as soon as the battery is torn open, although this will make the battery dry until it is exhausted, but re-applying the cover paper will not be as we think Slow down the battery’s power consumption. Therefore, for a new battery, the surface paper should not be torn open, and it needs to be torn when it is really needed.

3: When not in use, take out

When not using the hearing aid, remember to remove the battery from the hearing aid to avoid accidental opening of the hearing aid, resulting in increased power consumption, or leakage of the battery to damage the hearing aid.

4: metal objects, stay away

Avoid placing an activated battery and metal objects, such as coins, keys, etc., to avoid short circuits. In addition, the hearing aid battery is also sensitive to the skin fat of the human body. When we directly touch the battery by hand, it will hinder the battery current. Therefore, in addition to the action of tearing open the cover paper on the surface of the battery, try to touch the surface of the battery with as little hand as possible. For example, use a cleaning brush with a magnet in the hearing aid package to suck the battery and quickly place it in the hearing aid battery compartment.

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