Method for installing ear-back hearing aid battery

Before putting a new battery into the hearing aid, remember to remove the battery seal first. Do not use batteries that have adhesive or other excess material left. They can block the air holes in the battery.


1 Finger push the handle down and rotate to open the battery compartment.

2 will battery “+Put the battery compartment face up.

3 You can use the small magnetic bar provided in the hearing aid accessory to place the battery accurately.

If the battery compartment cannot be easily closed, the battery may be incorrectly installed.

Ear-back hearing aid battery installation method

Do not leave the old battery that has been exhausted in the hearing aid. A depleted battery may leak and damage the hearing aid. When replacing the battery, it is recommended that you place the hearing aid on a table or in a carpeted room to prevent the battery or hearing aid from falling and being damaged.

important hint:Your hearing aid may stop working, such as running out of batteries. You should be aware of this possibility, especially if you are relying on warning signs in a noisy traffic environment.

Low battery prompt

When the battery is about to run out, the standard-set hearing aid will have a voice signal. If you select the sound signal prompt, you will hear four “beep” sounds. Once the battery is fully drained, the hearing aid will be completely silent. After four “哔”, the hearing aid can continue to work for a long time, and the situation is different. We recommend that you carry a spare battery with you.

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