What are the hearing aid batteries?

The hearing aid battery is versatile and not universal. GM refers to different hearing aid brands, which can use the same brand of zinc-oxygen battery. At present, the main domestic production of the battery is Zhuhai Zhili, and the foreign brands mainly have Germany.power one , the United States, the United States and other countries, South Korea and Japan also have production. There is a slight difference between their power and voltage, which will show a little difference in the length of use. But the overall difference is not very big.


Not universal means that this type of zinc-oxygen battery has5For each model, the larger the volume, the more the battery is, and the volume is sorted from large to small:675,13,312,10,5Number5Models,675Used on ultra-high power hearing aids,312,10,5Mostly used on invisible hearing aids,5The battery is very small in the market because it is too small (only used in super invisible hearing aids). Large volume675The battery can also be used on the cochlear implant (most of the cochlear ear-back speech processor is used once3Festival675battery).

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