Use and maintenance of hearing aid batteries

Using zincEmpty battery,Positive and negative poles should be placed correctly,Tear off the small label on the battery,等待60sGas enters the activated electrochemical system. Once the battery is activated,It is slowly exhausted. When not in use, you can reduce the consumption by putting small labels back.,But it can’t completely stop this process. Battery capacity in milliampere hours(mAh)Expressed. If the capacity of a battery100mAh,And the average battery flow of the hearing aid is1mA,Then it can be used100h. The actual use time of the hearing aid battery is related to the type of hearing aid, digital intelligent processing, gain, hearing impairment, climate and other factors.,Very different,It is actually difficult to estimate accurately. Generally speaking,The bigger the battery used for the hearing aid,The smaller the hearing damage,The longer it takes to use. In principle,The battery loses energy during storage. This is related to the self-discharge phenomenon in which the inherent intrinsic electrochemical system gradually loses electrical energy. Temperature is the most important environmental factor affecting self-discharge,Temperature reduction,The loss is reduced. Humidity is another environmental influence factor. The pores of the zinc-air battery are directly connected to the surrounding environment.,If the relative humidity is too low,The electrolyte in the battery will dry out slowly;Relative humidity is too high,The system stores moisture,Both will indirectly affect the performance of the zinc-air battery.


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