The use and maintenance of hearing aid batteries!

At present, most of the hearing aid batteries on the market use zinc air batteries, which have the advantages of long discharge time, large battery capacity, stable current discharge, and environmental protection. However, the zinc air battery has a low voltage and is a disposable chemical reaction battery that cannot be used for charging.


However, the auditory has pointed out that the correct use of the hearing aid battery and the maintenance of the hearing, the battery of the hearing aid can also make better use of it!

The use time of the hearing aid battery depends mainly on three factors: battery usage, hearing aid power consumption, and external environment.

First, the factors of battery use:

1, Zinc Air Battery requires oxygen activation: When opening a new battery, please allow the battery to fully contact the air and activate. It is recommended to tear off the small sticky paper on the battery and place it for 1 minutes. If possible, you can place 3-5 for a minute and then use it. The battery life of the hearing aid can be extended. The hearing aid battery must be peeled off when it is needed, and the battery should be removed without a hearing aid for a long time.

2, do not put the hearing aid battery together with metal objects, to avoid short circuit caused by metal friction.

3, the shelf life of the battery: the storage capacity of the zinc air battery is naturally depleted, and the storage capacity will decrease for a long time. In the general environment, 10% will be lost every year. Different brands have different natural loss rates, so the shelf life of different brands will be different. Usually, between 2-4 years, in principle, the longer the shelf life, the more mature and stable the product process.

Second, the factors of hearing aid power consumption:

1, the overall design of the hearing aid is the main reason that affects the power consumption of the hearing aid. Different chip microphone receivers and circuit design will affect the power consumption. Generally speaking, the more advanced products and brand manufacturers, the more balanced and reasonable between product functions and power consumption.

2, the function of the hearing aid is different, and the power consumption will vary greatly. At present, with the development of high-tech digital technology, the functions of hearing aid chips are more and more, and the power consumption is also increasing. For example, wireless functions, use of FM devices, work reminder lights, work prompts, and function buttons are turned on. Will increase power consumption;

3, the hearing loss of the hearing aid wearer determines the output of the hearing aid. The larger the output, the greater the power consumption of the hearing aid.

4, hearing aid failure: parts failure, poor contact and even sound tube blocking, etc., may cause abnormal battery power consumption, you can make an appointment to the hearing aid hearing aid center for related functional testing.

Third, environmental factors: the use of hearing aids and storage environment will also affect the service life: when the temperature is too low or too high will affect the battery life. In general, 10-30 degree is the best use temperature of the hearing aid battery. At higher altitudes, thin hearing aid batteries due to oxygen are also more easily consumed. Excessive humidity in the air can also cause changes in battery current.

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