Deafness is also called hearing loss. Hearing loss is called more professional. Deafness is our common name. But in fact, most hearing loss patients prefer to be called hearing loss rather than deafness.

Let’s learn a few facts about deafness.

One of the facts is that about 466 million people around the world suffer from hearing loss.

About 34 million of these 466 million people are children. If we don’t take measures, the number will increase to 630 million by 2030 and may reach more than 900 million by 2050.

Fact two does not deal with hearing loss, which will cause us $75 million loss to the world every year.

It’s a huge number. Maybe many people think it’s deafness. How could there be such a big loss? In fact, these losses include education, health, employment, intervention in deafness, prevention, treatment, research and development of hearing aids, etc.

In fact, many people have different levels of hearing loss from the age of 45.

The hearing loss here is only old-age deafness, and it will appear from the age of 45. This is called old-age deafness. It is inevitable, but it is only a matter of age, but it will have a certain impact according to your daily life habits, but it is undeniable that there are cases of 80 year old hearing still alive.

In fact, noise is still the most serious cause of hearing loss.

There are many reasons that can cause hearing loss, but at present, noise is the most serious one. According to the World Health Organization, about 1.1 billion young people around the world are exposed to entertainment noise for a long time, resulting in hearing loss. Here, young people refer to 12 to 35 years old, entertainment noise such as concerts, KTV, bars, etc.

In fact, the output of hearing aids can’t keep up with the demand.

After hearing loss, we all know that hearing aids need to be worn to compensate for hearing loss, but at present, the production of hearing aids can not reach 10% of the global demand.

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