The first hearing aid in the world was invented in 1896. Although it has a history of more than 100 years, so far many people still don’t understand the hearing aid, and don’t know the price of the hearing aid. Even many people haven’t seen the hearing aid at all.

Let’s talk about some misunderstandings about the price of hearing aids.

One of the misconceptions: hearing aids are very cheap for only one or two hundred yuan.

It’s no problem that you put it more than ten or twenty years ago. In those days, hearing aids were all at this price, and they can only sell at this price. Now, the technology of hearing aids is very different from before. Now, hearing aids can’t be bought for one or two hundred yuan. In the past, hearing aids at this price were called analog hearing aids, Today’s hearing aids are called digital hearing aids, which cost thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of dollars.

Myth 2: the more expensive the hearing aid, the better.

I said that hearing aids cost tens of thousands of yuan, but it’s not that the more expensive they are, the better. I’ve met a lot of hearing loss patients, and they all have a feature. They have a lot of money at home, so what’s the matter? In order to make their listening better, they directly asked us for the most expensive hearing aids. Although you have money, you can’t do that. Hearing aid price GE’s choice depends not only on your family’s financial conditions, but also on your hearing loss.

The third mistake: the higher the price, the better the effect of hearing aids.

Actually, this is similar to the above point. Although the hearing aid effect has something to do with the price, the relationship is not so important. For example, if you are a patient with mild hearing loss, you pay 40000 or 50000 yuan for a very expensive hearing aid, and a very high-end hearing aid is not necessary, and the effect may not be very good. You need to choose it according to your own specific listening results, It sounds clear and comfortable to wear.

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