Sudden deafness is a terrible thing. Imagine that suddenly your ears will be deaf and can’t hear. It’s such a cool thing on your back.

Therefore, prevention of sudden deafness is more important for treatment.

Let’s introduce some ways to prevent sudden deafness.

1. Principle noise source to avoid contact with noise, which is still the most frequent cause of hearing loss.

2. Avoid staying up late. Many people suffer from sudden deafness because they stay up late and brush TV dramas. As a result, they are deaf when they come together in the morning. So it is very important to form a good living habit.

3. Less smoking and drinking. I don’t need to say more about smoking and drinking. It has a lot of effects.

4. Avoid taking ototoxic drugs. Before taking the drugs, you need to ask the doctor whether the drugs are ototoxic drugs to avoid deafness after use.

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