How to predict hereditary deafness –Hereditary deafness prevention manual

Hereditary deafness refers to hearing impairment caused by the deafness gene from the parent or the newly occurring mutation-induced deafness gene. In hereditary deafness, autosomal recessive deafness accounts for the majority, only in the homozygous genotype. Will show up. It is necessary to publicize prenatal and postnatal care, do well in family planning work, eliminate close relatives’ marriage according to law, strengthen genetic counseling, constantly improve the level of genetic diagnosis, carry out prenatal diagnosis of hereditary deafness, and reduce the incidence of hereditary deafness. In patients with suspected familial hereditary deafness, both husband and wife should go to the hospital for genetic counseling, check chromosomes and genetics at the same time, find out the genetic laws, and propose preventive measures to prevent homozygous occurrence. The marriage between the monks must be guided by a genetic counselor to avoid having another child. For parents who already have a nephew, parents and deaf children should be tested for rickets before they can have a second child. This will guide the birth of a second child and give them a chance to have a normal hearing. Pregnant women should be pregnant10 ~ 12Fetal deafness gene detection was performed at weekdays. In children with sensorineural deafness, there is about35%The child is a large vestibular aqueduct syndrome, which may be related to heredity. It is manifested as fluctuations in childhood hearing loss, trauma, noise or fever, which can lead to sudden hearing loss, humerusCTCan be clearly diagnosed.


In this type of life, children should try to avoid traumatic factors such as trauma, noise or cold and fever, and avoid confrontational sports activities. In the critical period of speech formation, try to protect residual hearing and make children have certain hearing and language skills. . Once the deafness is suddenly aggravated, it is necessary to go to a regular hospital for treatment. Ineffective people should wear hearing aids, and severe cases require cochlear implants.

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