Why is the hearing aid price difference so big?

There are two different grades of hearing aids, such as analog machine and digital machine. The line level of the simulator is low, the sound amplification effect is not ideal, the distortion, the sound quality is not good, the speech is not clear enough, the relative price is low, and the digital machine is Integrated circuit and digital chip processing technology, high technology content, the price is generally higher, generally one or two thousand, three or four thousand, tens of thousands or even three or four thousand, the main difference is noise reduction processing, program selection and channel The number of frequency bands is related. The more functions, the wider the frequency, the finer the adjustment, the higher the sound clarity, the smaller the distortion, and the higher the price. This is the same as our daily electrical appliances. The price difference between low and medium high grade products will be great. The main thing is to look at what kind of hearing problems you want to solve. According to the specific hearing situation and the individual’s needs for the hearing aids, what kind of hearing aids are available, the hearing aids have more special situations, because they are not universal, hearing A person with a disability must have a hearing aid appropriate to his or her condition in order to better improve hearing problems. Therefore, the hearing aid can not simply look at the price, it is necessary to go to the professional fitting center according to the specific hearing conditions to be fitted, and the real help for hearing is effective. Choosing a formal fitting center is a guaranteed advantage for both the product and the after-sales service. The hearing aid has a normal service life.5-8In the later years, the hearing aids and hearing aid assessments should be regularly tracked to ensure that the hearing aids are in normal working order, and the hearing aids can be compensated reasonably. The senior fitter can maximize the function of the hearing aids. Therefore, it is normal for the hearing device to have a large price difference. The key is to choose the product that suits you.


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