Sudden deafness is sudden deafness. It is easy to understand that sudden deafness with unknown causes can reduce the hearing to the lowest point in only 3 days. So if we have sudden deafness, should we have hearing aids?

In fact, we should have hearing aids after sudden deafness, but not immediately. Sudden deafness has the possibility of self-healing within three months after the attack. After hearing loss patients suffer from sudden deafness, they should first go to the hospital for treatment, which can be treated with drugs or hyperbaric oxygen.

The reason why it is not recommended to install hearing aids at once is that the hearing condition of the patients is unstable and fluctuates up and down in these three months. If the hearing aids are installed immediately after sudden deafness, the hearing is recovered after two months, then the customer will definitely ask to return the machine. Because the hearing condition will fluctuate, the debugging will be started when the hearing aids are worn It will be very difficult and troublesome to come.

Therefore, we should first treat sudden deafness. After the treatment, if the effect is not ideal, we should wait for the hearing situation to stabilize before matching hearing aids.

But sudden deafness patients need to have a normal expectation for the effect of hearing aids when they are equipped with hearing aids. Many sudden deafness patients have normal hearing before hearing loss, and the time of sudden deafness is relatively short, which leads to high expectation for hearing aids before they buy them. In addition, they don’t understand the market of hearing aids. They think that 2000 or 3000 hearing aids are too expensive, so they will To buy a cheaper hearing aid, but the final result is often not ideal for the effect of hearing aids.

Therefore, patients should know some knowledge about hearing aids and sudden deafness before they are equipped with hearing aids, and then after they are equipped with hearing aids and put them on, they also need a period of adaptation.

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