It is not correct that modern medicine proves that deafness can be cured or can not be cured. It is unscientific to try to achieve the purpose of hearing rehabilitation through drugs, acupuncture, qigong and other means. The structure of human ear is very precise and complex, and the current medical methods are not so advanced. Similarly, wearing hearing aids can’t cure deafness completely.

Most of the deaf children have some residual hearing. In general, this part of hearing does not work and is in a latent state. Therefore, the deaf children have been living in a quiet world because they can not feel the stimulation of sound, and they do not realize that the external environment is full of colorful sounds. As time goes by, that part of the residual hearing is also wasted; similarly, for people with acquired hearing loss, such as old-age hearing loss, some of the lost hearing is also in a latent state due to the lack of sound stimulation. As time goes on, this part of the available lost hearing is also wasted. It’s like machines don’t rust and people need exercise to restore tendon function after a fracture. The ancients said that “the running water is not rotten, and the hinge of a household is not wormed” also explained the same truth.

The main function of hearing aids is to amplify the sound, wake up the residual hearing from the latent state, and make the best use of the residual hearing. In this way, as long as the hearing loss patients under the correct rehabilitation guidance, through scientific and systematic training, can develop from not knowing the voice before to understanding the voice, from losing part of the hearing to hearing loss to get compensation, which is not only the result of hearing improvement, but also the result of the improvement of listening comprehension ability and self-confidence.

Therefore, hearing loss is not terrible. What’s terrible is that hearing loss patients spend precious rehabilitation time on the treatment that is impossible to achieve the purpose of rehabilitation, while the white land wastes the residual hearing. It is imperative to develop residual hearing as soon as possible after hearing loss is found.

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