People who choose hearing aids for the first time hope that hearing can be restored as soon as they wear them. Every patient has such good expectations, but the reality is not so simple. Listen to Jinghao hearing aid together:

First of all, no matter what brand of hearing aids, it is difficult for most of them to achieve the best expectations of patients at one time. Of course, it’s not that the hearing aid has no effect. After all, the hearing aid can’t be compared with the human ear, and there will be a gap in listening. The best listening effect can only be achieved through multiple debugging by the fitting examiner. Besides, everyone’s expectations are different. Some patients with heavy hearing need only be able to hear the sound again. Some patients need not only to hear, but also to hear clearly.

Secondly, the wearing effect of hearing aids is not only related to the expectation of patients, but also related to the hearing status of patients. Some patients’ hearing condition is very complex, and the effect may be very good when they wear it for the first time, but after wearing it for a period of time, the hearing condition changes, so the wearing effect is greatly reduced.

Moreover, the wearing effect of hearing aids is also related to the patient’s cooperation. For the patients who wear hearing aids for the first time, the match maker will explain to them that they need to adapt for a period of time. They can’t wear them for a long time at the beginning, and there should be a gradual process. In case of wearing discomfort, contact with the fitter in time, and adjust to wear after adjustment.

In general, patients wear it for about a month, and can basically adapt to hearing aids. Of course, some patients will adapt faster and some will be later. After adaptation, if there is a problem in the wearing process, contact the fitting examiner in time to keep the hearing aid in the best listening experience for a long time.

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