Can top hearing aids cure your hearing?

Hearing aids cannot treat hearing impairment, but they are a good aid to people with hearing impairments. The role of the hearing aid is to let the patient hear the sound. Because each person’s hearing situation is different, the wearing situation is different, this requires an adaptation process. Objectively speaking, the hearing aid is indeed effective, but the role of the hearing aid is also limited. As the name implies, it is an instrument that helps the user to hear the sound, and it is only to help the user to listen to the sound more, and can not treat the hearing. Simply speaking, the difference between the expensive hearing aid and the cheaper is the number of channels, the setting of the microphone directionality, the bandwidth of the speaker, the noise reduction, and the other functions of the hearing aid (such as Bluetooth performance), which will affect the hearing aid effect, grade The higher the function, the more expensive the price. Therefore, the most important choice for hearing aids is to determine the hearing loss and hearing requirements and economic conditions. It is best for you.

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