Expectant mothers should pay attention to the effect of fetal noise on newborn’s hearing. Although the fetus is in the mother’s body, it is still affected by the surrounding noise.

Some studies have pointed out that exposure to excessive noise during pregnancy will affect the hearing of unborn newborns, especially in the workplace with noise environment, which will increase the risk by 80% compared with the normal situation.

For a long time in the past, it was believed that the fetus could be protected in the mother’s womb from the influence of surrounding noise or less. However, in recent years, studies have confirmed that large and continuous noise will affect the fetus’s hearing. This study was conducted by Karolinska Institute in Sweden, and provided new evidence based on the original hypothesis Conclusion: pregnant women must avoid exposure to loud noise.

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The research statistics include about 1.4 million newborns born in Sweden from 1986 to 2008, including maternal occupation, smoking habits, age, race, body mass index, vacation, socio-economic factors, etc. The research scale is divided into two parts: part-time and full-time workers. For part-time mothers, if the occupational environmental noise continues to be greater than 85dB, the risk rate of hearing loss will be 1.27 times higher than that of the population below 75db. If they are full-time workers, the risk rate of hearing loss will be 1.82 times.

“The Swedish work environment administration has recommended to the EU health department that pregnant women should avoid working in the environment with continuous noise level greater than 80 dB, and there should be relevant legal protection measures, but unfortunately this recommendation has not been taken.” “We hope employers will strictly abide by this recommendation, because even pregnant women use earplugs in noisy environment (EU requires that earplugs and other labor protection measures must be used in noisy environment), but the fetus in the abdomen cannot be protected, which is a big loophole,” said the study leader

At present, this research is almost blank in our country, and many expectant mothers are not aware of the huge impact that noise may have on their children. We call on more and more people to start to be vigilant about the impact of noise on the hearing of newborns, and not to let children’s life be troubled by our neglect for a lifetime.

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