Why does the hearing aid squeal? Because the microphone receives the sound and is amplified by the hearing aid. Then it is sent out through the receiver. When the receiver is close to the microphone, the microphone, the hearing aid amplifier and the receiver form a cycle. Then the sound will be amplified in a circle, producing a harsh sound, that is, a roar.

Almost all hearing aids squeal

Because the hearing aid itself is small, the microphone and the receiver are usually close together, and the sound is inherent.

Howling is an important index to judge whether the hearing aid is working normally

Because the hearing aid has this characteristic, so, the general hearing aid will emit a howl about 5 seconds after the battery is installed. If there is no howling, the hearing aid may have problems. At this time, replace the battery or contact the merchant for handling.

How to solve the howling?

1. Change the small earplug, plug the ear canal tightly, and eliminate the howling without air leakage. The way to check whether it is plugged is to remove the hearing aid, which is used for hearing aid, and to block the ear plug hole. If there is no howling, it means that the ear canal is not plugged.

2. Custom eardrum. Contact the merchant for details.

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