Hearing aids have noiseWhat if the hearing aid has noise?

First of all, the hearing aid should not be purchased casually, but to the professional fitting agency for fitting. The optional hearing aid is not only suitable for your own hearing loss, but also does not lose residual hearing.


Hearing impaired people also have a gradual adaptation process when wearing hearing aids. In the process of adapting to hearing aids, they need to be worn in a quiet environment. It is not suitable for contact with too many noisy environments. At first, the environment is noisy and a lot of noise is accepted. Too much, the patient feels very uncomfortable, feels harsh and uncomfortable, but as long as it is in accordance with normal adaptation training, it will eventually get better and better.

Hearing aidAfter a period of adaptation training, it will be more comfortable to wear, and you can go to a more chaotic environment. The hearing aid will help you to receive the various sounds we should hear. At this time, we will feel how the sound is. Wonderful, how wonderful it is to live in a world of sound.

In addition to these, there is some noise that is required by the fitter to help you. Some noise is feedback, which requires the fitter to solve.

There is some noise that requires the fitter to adjust the parameters of the hearing aid.

When choosing a hearing aid, choosing a hearing aid with better performance can help improve the comfort level in a noisy environment.

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