If you suffer from hearing loss, you are not alone, because everyone can happen, and it usually ages and worsens with age.
Ten danger signals for hearing loss
If you repeatedly find one or more of the following warning signs, you may have hearing loss:

  • It seems that people are more and more ambiguous when they talk.

  • Sharp sounds like ringing in your ears

  • You often let people repeat sentences

  • Your family complains that you are too loud when you play radio or TV

  • Some small sounds in the house are hard to hear, such as the sound of a faucet dripping or the doorbell

  • When you have a lot of people, it’s hard to understand what others are saying.

  • It’s hard to understand all the words in the conversation.

  • You find it difficult to communicate when answering a call

  • When you are facing the speaker, it’s hard to hear what the other person is saying.

  • You are told that you are too loud

Common age-related hearing loss

This is a simple sample of audiograms. The letters represent the frequency of speech commonly used in English. Click on the Speech Banana in the lower right corner of the audiogram to see where the common voice is located in the audiogram.

The age range (Age) can be selected on the right side of the audiogram. For each age, you will see where the normal hearing person is in the audiogram (blue part), and above the line after hearing loss is the frequency of the speech you may be missing.



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