Real experience after cochlear implantation

After the cochlear implant is implanted, the sound can be heard as soon as it is turned on. Since most patients have been treated for a long time after hearing loss, that is to say, the patient has not heard the sound for a while, although the sound can be heard when the computer is turned on, the sound resolution capability still takes a while to fully recover. The shorter the hearing loss time, the faster the natural recovery; the longer the hearing loss, the slower the recovery. Therefore, patients with senile hearing loss need a period of adaptation and rehabilitation after surgery.


Implantation of the cochlear implant can restore the hearing loss of the hearing-impaired patient to a level close to normal, and the speech will be improved to varying degrees. However, it is difficult to reach the normal person in listening to sound, judging the rhythm and tone of music in a noisy environment. At exactly the same level, this is also related to the unilateral implantation of a cochlear implant in most patients. It is only related to the recovery of unilateral hearing. Only binaural hearing can achieve a larger, clearer, more stereoscopic and richer sound experience.5Bilateral simultaneous or staging cochlear implant surgery has received increasing attention from patients and doctors.

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