How much is cochlear surgery?Experience in cochlear surgery

After tangled for a half year, I finally made a cochlear implant. Let me talk about my hearing situation: I am a vocabulary, I started to tinnitus in my teens, and my hearing gradually declined. Now in my twenties, the frequency is mainly high.110-120The appearance of the IF is still good, and it is not very good now.90Left and right, low frequency250,500Two things are okay, basically normal, I will rely on this residual low frequency for so many years. In general, the one-on-one in the quiet environment before the cochlea is basically a problem, and the boys are better. Noisy, or when there are too many people, I can’t keep up with it, and I can barely maintain normal social interaction. People with less contact may not know my hearing problems. I will feel that I am “reactive” when I have been in contact for a long time. With a hat that reflects slowness, I began to feel aggrieved. Gradually, I tried to persuade myself not to go to my heart.

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There are so many pre-operative hearings about me. The cochlea has been in contact since last year. I have been tinnitus for ten years, but I have never worn a hearing aid.2010The first hearing aid in the year, Oticonliveseries. After a few years, I haven’t had any good results, so I started looking for a solution last year. This time, the hearing aid sales company is very good. I tried to wear a few of the Resounds and tried them all the time. For a while, the improvement is a little bit, but it is still not good enough. The salesperson said that the cochlear implant can be considered in this way. From then on, it is a concept that the cochlear implant is actually generated in the mind. However, at the time of contact, there were still many concerns. After all, it was a knife on the head. For those of me who have never used a knife to sew a needle, thousands of uneasiness rises in my mind, and the cost is quite Expensive, I always feel that the cochlear implant is for people who can’t hear the sound. I can communicate, and I can still use it. Is it too aggressive to use the cochlear implant? In short, after all kinds of entanglements, I bought a hearing aid. In the next few months, with the new hearing aids, it is somewhat better than the old hearing aids, but there are still many problems in life, and collective activities can avoid the mentality of avoiding. Life is still a lot of dissatisfaction Plus the company that sells hearing aids promises that if I do a cochlea within a year, I can retreat a hearing aid. Therefore, I still did not give up the idea of ​​artificial cochlea, entered the online of the deaf, added a lot of cochleas, and met many people who do the cochlea. It is not that people who are completely unable to feel the sound will choose, and safety, surgical technique. And so on are very mature, and many people say that with the cochlear implant can be well integrated into normal life, let my heart shake again.

Understand and understand, the pre-operative months seem to know enough, the same problem has been confirmed many times, and confirmed many times. Many people have come out to say. Even I personally met with people who had already had surgery. . . Once again, with uneasiness, I started to contact the surgery.

Eventually, the doctor of surgery time determined that the time was approaching day by day. Although I still don’t know whether my decision is correct or not, from the situation of understanding, there is no reason to back down. I use the “now life is not satisfied, and I will always be dissatisfied” to comfort myself. . Fortunately, the days before the operation are also very busy, I can not allow me to think.

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