The best age for cochlear implants – a few years old implantSuitable for cochlear implants

Due to the plasticity of the brain, and1About half a year is a critical period of language development, so the optimal age for implantation of cochlear implants should be12Month to5岁,1Older implanted children5Children who are implanted can learn to speak faster. Auditory speech training before and after cochlear implantation is extremely important.


Professionals often compare cochlear implant surgery to “ten minutes of weddings”, and life after the wedding is a difficult and long road. Only by insisting on preoperative auditory training and postoperative auditory speech training can the role of cochlear implant be exerted. Before cochlear surgery, more hearing habits are needed for the child, so try to ensure preoperative3The hearing aid wear time of the month promotes the formation of auditory orientation, auditory recognition and auditory understanding and memory. The road to recovery after surgery is also very long. It is extremely difficult to make the rigid tongue muscles speak slowly and flexibly.

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