Cochlear implant[Which population is suitable for cochlear implants?]

Prelingual patients (including infants and young children)

① Prelingual patients with severe or severe sensorineural hearing loss;

② For patients with pre-spoken sputum with residual hearing, when hearing aids are not significantly improved after hearing aids, they should be installed as soon as possible;

③ For patients with prelingual deafness, the optimal age for cochlear implant surgery is12Month~5Years old; the smaller the age of implantation, the better the auditory and speech rehabilitation effects;

4 for3Children who have been implanted with cochlear implants after the age of surgery need to undergo hearing and speech rehabilitation training. Therefore, it is necessary to have conditions for listening and speech rehabilitation training in order to perform cochlear implant surgery;

⑤ 6Patients with pre-lingual and older vocabulary must have a certain speech base or wear a hearing aid, or have undergone auditory speech rehabilitation training in order to consider installing a cochlear implant.

Post-surgical patients (including senile sputum)

Patients with severe or severe sensorineural hearing loss have good physical condition;For patients with residual hearing, when the hearing aid is invalid or the effect is poor, the open sentence cognitive test score ≤30%Cochlear implant surgery should be performed.

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