Who is suitable for cochlear implants?Who is not suitable

Cochlear implants have their corresponding scope of application, congenital severe or severe sensorineural hearing loss, post-surgical paralysis of all ages, hearing aids have no significant improvement in hearing ability, family has cochlear implants Cochlear implants can be performed with proper knowledge and appropriate expectations.


Who is not suitable for cochlear implants?

Cochlear implants are prohibited for the following cases: severely deformed inner ear, such asMichelMalformation or lack of cochlea; lack of auditory nerve; severe mental illness; suppurative inflammation of the middle ear mastoid has not been controlled. Cochlear implants cannot be performed if the general condition is poor or if there is uncontrollable epilepsy.

Implantation of cochlear implants and fitting hearing aids are two important ways of hearing rehabilitation for hearing-impaired patients, but the two work differently: hearing aids convert sound to residual hearing range; cochlear implants directly stimulate the auditory nerve through current Restore the purpose of partial auditory perception. At the same time, cochlear implants are mainly suitable for severe or very severe sensorineural hearing loss.

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