Is the noisy environment harmful to people with hearing impairment?

A friend with hearing loss thinks that there are already some deafness in anyway. It is normal to listen to the radio and watch TV to make a louder sound. The noise in the surrounding environment can also be neglected, it doesn’t matter. But in fact, even if there is already hearing damage, the noise will still hurt the ears. Because the hearing loss causes the sensitivity to the volume to decrease, it is not timely to realize that the volume is too high. There is not much hearing left in itself, and it is more susceptible to serious injuries.


In places with loud noises such as concerts and construction sites, people with hearing loss should have a sense of prevention against noise. Use earplugs to keep a distance from noise sources and avoid hearing damage. It is especially important to pay special attention to sound insulation after you have been in a noisy environment in order to protect your hearing from falling. Turn off the noise source such as radio and TV as much as possible, let the ear rest at least10More than an hour.

There are several important characteristics of noise deafness. The human cochlear hair cells are the most important engine. The total number of hair cells is limited. Today, a strong noise is touched, several cells are lost, and a few are lost tomorrow. When you reach old age, you will have a typical senile problem. When you are young, you don’t pay attention to protecting the cochlear hair cells. When you are old, the problem of language communication will be more obvious, and the speech recognition ability will be faster than that of the average person, which will have a relatively large impact on your life.

In general, the working environment noise does not exceed70Decibel, the sleeping environment does not exceed50Decibel, relatively safe.

Hearing aids can reduce noise.

If you have a hearing aid, you can wear a hearing aid to reduce the noise in an environment with excessive noise. In this way, even if the hearing impaired person neglects the excessive noise in the surrounding environment, the sound upper limit output limiting function of the modern digital hearing aid will block or attenuate the sound exceeding a certain limit. However, if the noise environment is too noisy after wearing the hearing aid, you can remove the hearing aid and use other methods to reduce the noise.

The built-in features of modern hearing aids reduce noise and make the sound more comfortable for the human ear. The ear mold of the hearing aid can also provide a small degree of protection, because it fits the physiological structure and can block a part of the sound like the earplug. How to choose specifically depends on the degree of hearing loss and the wearing of the hearing aid. But the most important thing is to protect your ears in any situation.

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