The infant has perfect hearing one month after birth, but because the tympanic membrane, middle ear, inner ear and auditory cells of the infant are very delicate, especially sensitive to noise, it is easy to cause hearing fatigue or tympanic membrane damage, which reduces the differential sensitivity of the infant to voice and hinders the development of hearing.

If the infants live in the noise environment of 80-90 decibels for a long time, they may suffer from malnutrition and anoxia of the cochlea, hearing damage, even excessive tympanic membrane vibration, and induce noise deafness. So, how can we protect our baby’s hearing?

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Next, Jinghao hearing aids will introduce in detail:

1. Avoid the common noise pollution sources in life. For example, the volume of the TV can be adjusted as low as possible to prevent the baby from listening to the stereo sound with high volume or MP3 with headphones, and not to take the baby to places with high decibel noise such as singing and dancing hall;

2. If there is long noise around your life, consider wearing earplugs to protect your baby’s hearing or taking your baby away from the noise source;

3. Ensure that the noise of all heating equipment and refrigeration appliances at home can meet the qualified standard;

4 if the house is in a busy environment and moves away unconditionally, it’s best to make a small adjustment in the layout and arrangement of the room, such as replacing the windows or doors with better sealing; choose quiet heating and ventilation equipment, and try to let the baby stay in the room with the least noise impact.

Jinghao hearing aids warm prompt: the ear is an important organ for children to obtain information. Children learn language, acquire knowledge and exchange emotions by identifying and imitating the surrounding environment. Modern medicine has proved that once the noise in our environment exceeds 50 decibels, it will affect people’s rest and sleep. If it exceeds 70 decibels, it will make people fidgety and not concentrate. If children live in a noise environment of more than 80 decibels for a long time, it may affect their hearing. In the future, they will show poor language development, lack of expression ability and curiosity. Therefore, it is urgent to protect baby’s hearing and remove noise pollution.

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