Hearing aidIs the noisy environment useful?

Many people who listen to the hearing aids in the crowd can hear well in a quiet environment. Most of them can’t hear clearly in noisy environments. So many people are afraid of hearing aids. Why is this so? It is the interference of noise, that is, the signal of noise exceeds the speech sound, even if it is normal hearing, it will have an impact in a very noisy environment. Not to mention hearing problems. Then, can the hearing aid help the listener to hear clearly? I want to say that as long as you have reasonable expectations, any hearing aid can’t completely eliminate the noise. If there is no noise, then our life will become very boring and unnatural.


The noise reduction technology of hearing aids is also very good, so you can hear the noise but don’t feel uncomfortable. For example, the noise suppression function of the hearing aid, the chip of the hearing aid automatically calculates the characteristics of the input sound, thereby distinguishing between noise and speech sound. Then carry out different magnifications. For example, the directional technology of the microphone. The hearing aid detects noise and automatically changes its directionality. For allCICHearing aidThey are all single microphones. Due to their small size, multiple microphones cannot be set, but the auricle can be used to adjust the directivity naturally. So as long as we have reasonable expectations, hearing aids will definitely help us.

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