In-the-ear hearing aid vent function

Some users will recommend a small hole in the fuselage when fitting a custom hearing aid. Are you curious, why is this hole used? In fact, this small hole is the vent of the hearing aid, which helps the hearing aid to “breath” better.

A suitable venting hole not only improves the comfort of the hearing aid, but also improves the sound quality.


Vents have the following effects:

1Balance the inner ear pressure, relieve the feeling of fullness in the ear, and reduce the pressure inside the ear.

2Reduce the effect of blocking the ear.

3Keep the ear canal and the outside ventilation, reduce the humidity in the ear, and reduce the recurrence of otitis media.

4Improve the frequency response of hearing aids.

5To reduce the low frequency gain, the acoustic effect of the vent is mainly to reduce the low frequency effect of the hearing aid.

Conversely, if the vent is not suitable, it will cause feedback whistle to the hearing aid, and the user feels very uncomfortable.

In which case is the hearing aid suitable for opening the vent?

For users with a hearing loss of moderate to moderate or low frequency hearing loss, a vented hearing aid can effectively reduce the feeling of blocking the ear and sounds more comfortable. In addition, the venting hole can improve the ventilation in the ear canal and reduce the humidity in the ear canal. When a hearing aid is selected by a user with symptoms of middle ear inflammation, the venting should be considered at the most.

In which case is it not necessary for the hearing aid to open the vent?

Sounds so good, isn’t all hearing aids should be vented? This still depends on the specific situation. For example, extremely severe deafness, especially for users with severe low-frequency loss, does not cause blockage, so there is no need to open the vent. If the vent hole is opened in this case, it may cause howling.

Therefore, it is not necessary to open the vent hole, according to the user’s hearing loss, test machine feedback, ear sample thickness, whether there is otitis media, etc., the fitter judges to determine whether to open the vent hole and open the large vent.

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