“I can hear, but I don’t know what I’m talking about” is a common complaint of many deaf patients, even after they have correctly selected hearing aids. Why?

Compared with normal hearing patients, deaf patients not only have the problem of volume reduction, but also have the problem of frequency distortion (poor frequency resolution). Although they wear hearing aids, all sounds can be heard, but they can not hear every word clearly, especially in the noise environment. This is because, although the correct compensation of hearing aids, patients still have the problem of The following problems: poor time analysis ability, poor frequency analysis ability, poor internal noise reduction ability

Hearing is the basic function of the auditory system, while listening clearly is a more advanced function. As long as there is a signal to the auditory center, we will “hear”. But to hear clearly, we must also have the ability of auditory discrimination. What factors determine whether we can hear clearly?

The inner ear has the ability of acoustic signal analysis. When the inner ear is damaged, the ability of auditory analysis will decline obviously. However, because our ability of auditory discrimination has enough room, we can understand without 100% listening clearly. Therefore, the less serious inner ear injury will not make the patient lose the ability of auditory discrimination completely

The auditory center has more important acoustic signal analysis ability. If the auditory center is damaged, the auditory discrimination ability will be worse. There is a kind of deafness caused by the central obstacle. It is called central deafness. The typical central deafness patients can hear the sound completely, even the very small sound, but they can’t understand and hear clearly

We can also infer in reverse: the damage of inner ear and / or hearing center is the main cause of hearing loss. Unfortunately, most of the patients with nervous deafness, whose inner ear and hearing center are damaged to different degrees, and it is a worldwide problem at present. Therefore, many complaints of nervous deafness can be heard but not heard clearly

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