No matter children or old people, they may feel a little confused after hearing aids are tested. It may be caused by irregular fitting, the quality of hearing aids, or the selective adjustment of the fitting staff for the hearing health of patients. If it is in a regular fitting center, the first two cases rarely occur, more of them are caused by the fitting specialist’s targeted adjustment. People just put on hearing aids, they are not used to it, and the listening effect is relatively poor. If the power is raised too high at once, it will only cause more serious damage to the patient, resulting in further damage to the residual hearing of the patient. How to deal with hearing loss after wearing hearing aids?

The first method: binaural selection of hearing aids.

Generally speaking, high fidelity hearing aids can maximize speech resolution, produce sense of hearing direction, reduce tinnitus and brain ringing, and increase comfort and clarity. If one ear is equipped with a hearing aid, the other ear is likely to suffer from a decline in sound recognition ability due to long-term failure to receive sound stimulation.

The second method: adaptive training.

Generally speaking, it takes 1-3 months to wear the hearing aid. During this period, it also needs the cooperation of family members to shorten the talking distance and slow down the speaking speed

Students can also learn lip reading and control reading to help them understand.

The third method is to further evaluate and debug hearing aids.

Hearing aid matching is a professional and complex science. Audiologists can evaluate the effect of hearing aid comprehensively. The sound in various environments also needs to be debugged and reprogrammed gradually. This needs to be done step by step. Don’t over rush it, don’t expect too much from the beginning, and correctly understand the situation of their own hearing loss.

The fourth way is to replace the hearing aid of higher level.

Generally speaking, higher-level hearing aids will use more powerful chips and more advanced software systems, which will be more advanced and clearer in the pre-processing of sound, reduce the post-processing requirements, and make it easier for patients to hear clearly.

Just wearing the hearing aid requires a process of adaptation. The patient should be patient enough. After a period of adaptation, if it doesn’t get better, go to the fitting center to readjust.

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