During the use of hearing aids, sometimes there is no sound, such as the following situations, we can easily solve according to the solution:

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1. The switch is not on

The VC of the customized machine not only has the function of adjusting the sound size, but also has the function of switching on and off. Sometimes it is turned off carelessly, resulting in no sound when wearing the hearing aid.

Solution: open VC to try. For example, sometimes the hearing aid is silent when programming. Just now, the customer listened well, but now there is no sound. It is recommended to open the switch or close the battery door first.

2. The battery voltage is too low or does not power

(1) < a href = "http://www.sqhearing.com/tlkp/479.html" target = "_blank" > hearing aid battery < / a > is a 1.4V zinc air battery. Generally, when the sticker is just removed, because the amount of oxygen in the air is not enough and the chemical reaction in the battery is not enough, the discharge is less or the voltage is low, which causes the hearing aid to be silent.

Solution: after the sticker is removed, put the battery between your fingers and rub it to increase the temperature of the battery, which can promote the oxidation reaction of the battery faster and more fully, so as to use the hearing aid normally.

(2) the 24-hour power consumption causes the battery power to drop rapidly or the battery itself has problems that lead to no power.

Solution: replace the battery.

3. The outlet hole or acoustic tube is blocked by foreign matters

Solution: it is suggested to clean the acoustic hole or cerumen baffle first. However, if the acoustic hole is serious, it should be sent to the factory for maintenance. Remove the water drops, cerumen and other foreign matters from the acoustic tube, especially in the winter in the north. The temperature difference between minus and tens of degrees outside is very large. It is easy to produce water drops when wearing the hearing aid from the indoor to the outdoor acoustic tube, so that the hearing aid is silent. The acoustic pipe can be pulled out to eject the water drops. If the acoustic pipe is seriously blocked, the acoustic pipe shall be replaced.

4. Mic air outlet blocked

Remove the foreign matters from the microphone port due to the blockage of the microphone outlet of the hearing aid.

Solution: brush or cotton swab with alcohol or send to factory for maintenance.

5. Poor contact between battery and battery clamp

Solution: scrape off the battery clamp or oxide on the surface of the battery.

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