At present, the hearing aid is an adjustable digital hearing aid, which is precisely debugged according to the hearing loss, but the degree of clarity needs to be based on my specific speech resolution. If the hearing loss time is longer and the hearing loss is heavier, the hearing aid may not have a good effect. For specific situations, you can go to the store to try it out.

How to wear a hearing aid can be heard more clearly, you need to have the following conditions:

1 I have reached the ability to distinguish my speech90%The effect of wearing a hearing aid will be very good;90-70%Can only be basically solved;70%-50%The joint type will sound better;50%The following effects are worse.

2 If both ears have hearing loss and there are no contraindications for wearing both ears, they must be worn in both ears.

3 For customers with more complicated living environments and higher requirements, it is necessary to use a hearing aid with better noise reduction function. If there is a need to make a phone call or watch TV, it must be equipped with corresponding wireless accessories.

4 Have a professional hearing aid fitter to fit the patient

5 Hold on

Through the above points, I believe that it can effectively improve the unclear situation and achieve the desired results.

Link:Can hearing aids help to hear clearly?

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