Why can you hear the hearing aids clearly graded?

As long as the hearing aid can hear the sound well, why should it be graded? The sound clarity and reduction degree of different grades of hearing aids are different. The grade differentiation is the processing speed and fidelity of the chip and the natural environment adaptation of noise reduction. Hearing aids have the function of amplifying the sound, but the different hearing aids use different chips, and the noise reduction processing and the definition are naturally different.

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There are several possibilities for speaking unclear:1Hearing loses too much at the intermediate frequency position.

2When the fitter debugged the hearing aid, there is no targeted compensation for the intermediate frequency.

3The hearing aids worn are too small to be raised to normal hearing levels. Because the basic purpose of buying a hearing aid is to hear the voice. It is recommended to go to the hearing aid fitting center to evaluate the speech resolution. I hope my answer will help you.

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